Thursday, June 14, 2012

Contest Looks

This look was done for Boggs Beauty Reviews.
A pink and black Hello Kitty Theme
My first contest look ♥

This one was for Pretty Addictions Mineral Cosmetics.
Theme- "Pretty Little Addict" choose your look.
                          Used all pretty addictions pigments.
     facebook page-

Another contest per Boggs Beauty Reviews
This one with a masquerade theme, which I sent a couple of looks for.

Another contest per Boggs Beauty Reviews
This one with a masquerade theme, which I sent a couple of looks for.
This one I added little rhinestones. ^.^
The last entry for the Masquerade from Boggs Beauty Reviews

A mini contest from Boggs Beauty Reviews
Black Swan themed
This look was done for Mon Ennui Cosmetics.
This look was really hard to do, just because I've found it's harder to get everyday makeup looks to show up better with my camera. lol.  So I made up for it with fun posing. >.<
(The link to her page or store won't be posted due to a disagreement with this company and I'm not supporting them as nicely as possible unless I got some kind of apology or soooomething. lol)

Lovely Candy Beauty's Art Inspired contest
I chose Van Gogh's Starry Night

My second entry for the Art Inspired.  With Roy Lichtenstein's Crying Girl Pop art.  The first attempt was with dots, the second attempt without, because the dotted one was just too busy and not the look I was going for. lol
This look was done for Rag Dolls Beauty.
With a Rag Doll Theme.
(I haven't tried any of their products, part of the reason I was attempting this contest, to be able to sample some of their stuff, but alas, I lost lol.)
This one was for Meeshabelle's Makeup Page,
A Musical Icon theme.
I chose my favorite Lady Gaga.

For a page no longer published.
With An Arabic Beauty Theme.
Was so sad that you can't see all the sparkle on this!
Another Pretty Addictions contest
Flashback to the 80s Themed
Page- Spells and Stilettos
Theme- Dark Fantasy
This one was sooo fun and I LOVED LOVED LOVED the way it came out.
Got my inspiration from the Zalgo meme and the doctor who episode "fires of pompeii"
(I wasn't going to do this one, because even though I had been wanting to do this idea for awhile someone else had a BARELY similar idea that got submitted before I could do mine, and I didnt wanna seem like a copy cat, but I went and did it anyway... and I'd have to say this is my favorite one I'd done so far.)
Page- MakeUp Gets Me High  (no longer published)
Themed- Boho Beauty
Star Wave CreationsTheme- "spring" into makeupLearned a new glue lesson... to the eyebrows, taking off, not fun. lol
Her facebook page-
Her Etsy Store-
Kiss & Makeup's contest
Celebrating 1000 likes Themed
So my thought was celebrate... clowns! and then I went through Courtney's (page owner) pics and drew a little inspiration to give it a touch of her... I LOVE it, and I was scared quite a few times through-out. lol. But I think it turned out good.
Her page-
Lipgloss & Flipflops' Disney Princess Contest
I chose to do a Dark Tinkerbell look
Hunger Games Inspired
Steampunk themed

Choose a cause Themed
Chose Lady Gaga's Born this way foundation.

Party Monster Club Kid Themed
Happy Birsday Themed
Sweet Tooth anyone? lol
Theme- Through the Ages,
I chose Ancient Egypt/Cleopatra

Eyeliner Designs

Eyeliner Designs

Eyeliner Designs
One of my favorite Indie Shops- Memo's Mind
This contest was "Look of the month", doing a look based on their products.
I mixed it up, pulling out the steampunk from the earrings and elegant from the hat (both handmade by them)  to form "Steampunk Masquerade"
Their Facebook page-
Their shop-   
Jessica Rabbit
Cartoon Characters Themed Contest

So these are all of my current (mostly) dramatic Themed looks I've done :)

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